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I heard giggles over the phone from a the girl who a week prior I had told “I love you” to.

I was in New York City at the time and she was at her parents house in Arizona. For several great months we had been dating and getting to know each other until on a business trip I developed a feeling of missing her. Each night we would chat over the phone to continue the connection. This call, through the giggles she confesses her love for me too, only the words are interrupted by the sound of a bong bubbling in the background. This is the moment I learned the one that would marry me was currently in a relationship with Mary Jane.

I had not been introduced to marijuana prior to this relationship and was of the thought that is was not useful at the time. I found that exploring cannabis use was part of the activities I could share with a love interest. Memories I have of moments that brought both of us closer were often bonding together over a bowl of bud.

 Some highs can be harsh

Finding ourselves distant from each other after an argument is painful to one or both. Finding a way back to happiness can also be cloudy. I found at times I would seek the feeling cannabis provides to distract me from relationship chasms and help me change my mood or emotion. There came a separation that couldn’t be bridged in my marriage and the relationship ended.

Post divorce I found myself out of the relationship with my ex and in a new one with cannabis as a companion. At this point of my adventure into cannabis culture I had already started growing medical grade plants as a caregiver. If any new romance were to bud, they would likely be sharing time with the garden or the herb grinder. So how does one find a like-minded lover? I took to dating websites to learn of any 420 friendly meet-ups. One after another of the largest networks did not offer a profile feature to signify the stoner or the sick soul using weed to live.

Actually, the only toggle button is the “drugs” checkbox you will find just after the “children” signifier. That didn’t allow for a filtered search for a soulmate.

No love for the broken-hearted was purchased and development began on a searchable site for cannabis lovers to meet. The idea worked as hundreds of members joined and completed profiles with various cannabis related descriptions like “one hit wonder” or “Major League Toker” as checkboxes under the Tolerance profile field.

As web searches for 420 chat, cannabis dating site and related queries +brought visitors attention it also caught the attention of the big guys in the dating site biz. As a result of legal action  from trademark lawyers I found myself unable to maintain the domain.

Unfortunately this didn’t cause them to open cannabis use up as a profile option, but they still allow users to choose “drinking” checkbox option.

For the over 1000 members that joined I created a new platform with the same features to enjoy such as private messaging, picture sharing, group activities and more.

The basic membership of is free. Join to see the function that allows you to make a profile for cannabis consumers and activists.


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